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Router with >70mbps on VPN

Discussion in 'Wireless Buying Advice' started by Marrduk24, Jan 14, 2018 at 12:38 AM.

  1. Marrduk24

    Marrduk24 New Around Here

    I currently have an integrated cable modem + router from Netgear and want to move to a router based VPN encryption. I currently use PPTP encryption on my PC to bypass ISP throttling of Usenet, and even though OpenVPN is more secure, PPTP works for me as it is faster.

    Going forward I will use my Netgear cable modem router purely as modem and considering two options with it
    1. A new wireless router that’s powerful enough to get me > 70mbps on VPN. PPTP is fine from my standpoint but I am fine with OpenVPN too as long as I get the speed
    2. Get a QOTOM mini-PC with PFsense and get a cheaper wirelsss router (something like Linksys EA7500).

    I have about 12 wiresss devices at home, which is a mix of 2.4ghz only devices (printers, Roku etc) and bunch of iPhones/ iPads. I have a couple of wired devices.

    my preference would be to not go down the QOTOM route unless I have to. Is there a router that’s fit for my purpose?

    Our apartment is about 3000 ft over one floor, has concrete walls and router will be in one corner.

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